Isabel Smith

DC Housing Market  CLICK HERE

Just when you thought you had it all together,
....the Market changes 
Here's a List of Trusted Financial Resources:
First Place Bank: Chad Loube
Sr. Vice President / Regional Manager
C 301.452.7399
T 301.279.5125
eF 301.560.6571
PNC: Louis Patierno
Mortgage Loan Office R
T 202.835.5567
F 877.619.1603
C 202.494.1308
PNC Place
800 17th Street,
NW.Washington, DC20006
PNC funds coops!
HSBC -will do international clients purchasing in US
Sun Ferland
TD BANK -will fund Canadian Nationals

For Today’s Rates Today,  try: Mortgage 101
for General Info and great Mortgage Calculators



Financial Markets are still in flux,
 particularly noticeable when you are looking to making the final step to secure your financing...