Isabel Smith


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After several bad experiences with real estate agents, I found a charm with Isabel Smith with the purchase of my condo.  I highly recommend her.  It was very clear that the three things I needed from a real estate agent were (1) that they represent my best interest, (2) great negotiating skills, and (3) great communication.  Isabel exceeded my expectations in those three areas, plus more.

I learned so much about the home buying process from Isabel. She kept me on target, informed on what things to expect, she's very diligent, and shared complete information when we encountered some issues during the inspection.  I really appreciated her style of providing me the facts, so that i make informed decisions, after which she'll give me her feedback.  We were on the same page most if not all the times.  She gets things done and she gets them done quickly.

What sets Isabel apart from other agents i worked with is that her objective was that i find the place that i love and that fits my bill.  She emphasized she didn't want me to have buyers remorse. And i don't!  I'm so happy with my purchase.  This was my first experience buying a home and the process was smooth and closing was actually pleasant! I feel very lucky and grateful that i found Isabel.

Plus, she's an amazing human being.

Alba B.


SOLD & CLOSED in 16 days at 98.5% of list = One Happy Seller

In 2010 Isabel Smith assisted us in selling our home of 19 years in northwest D.C.  She did an outstanding job of finding prospective buyers and had three offers within a very short time.  The process was quick and easy after we agreed on a fair price.  We will not hesitate to recommend Isabel to anyone selling their property.

Wm & Lena Ellis



She Hears You -..

I worked with Ms. Smith a couple years ago in a search for my first condo here in DC.  She took the time to get to know me, and to help me figure out what I was really looking for.  She helped me define my "must have" list and based on my personality she helped me navigate what types of locations would really fit my needs and my lifestyle. 


This was helpful as I went into the process with some very different ideas, thinking I wanted charm and character when in reality those items were not as important to me when it came down to meeting my lifestyle needs.  Ms. Smith was knowledgeable about the area that I was interested in and her willingness to pre-screen options was very helpful in my search. 


She would be an asset to anyone needing a realtor because of her personal touch and attention to unspoken needs of the people she works with.

Amy B.




Helped Buy & Sell: 3 offers in 6 days - SOLD 103.6% of list

To anyone who is selling or buying real estate: I whole-heartedly recommend Isabel Smith of Keller Williams as your next real estate agent. Isabel did an outstanding job selling my house in Washington DC.  She delivered a great price, with three bids within days of listing the property and navigated the sale for me admirably.  She used both the latest technology as well as keen insight into the market to make this happen. 

I must say, Isabel was the second agent I spoke to about the sale.  The first agent suggested a maximum price that was $75,000 less than what Isabel delivered.  Suffice it to say I am very pleased with that!  Not only did she market the property effectively, she also made sure everything came off well, including skillfully negotiating the outcome of the inspection process, making sure the appraiser fully understood the value of my home, and working with an apparently inexperienced buyer's agent to make sure the closing came off without a hitch. 


All in all, Isabel did a great job and I highly recommend her for your real estate needs.

Gene T.


Personal Residence & Investment Property

To whom it may concern, I have been working for Isabel Smith for over 3 years. I purchased my first house with Isabel’s help in 2008. The deal was complicated, the property abandoned and Isabel helped me secure a good price and navigate the various hurdles to complete the purchase. 

My second property purchase with Isabel was as an investment. Isabel’s research and knowledge of the market conditions helped us (together) establish the right offer price (up against 8 other bidders).  Isabel also provided some useful input in preparing a property development strategy.  

Property transactions (either buying or selling) can be emotionally charged.  Isabel helped to maintain a perspective and a cool head.  Isabel can be tenacious - an attribute that has served me well in dealing with owners or agents that are absent or difficult and stubborn. Isabel presents good commonsense arguments when assessing, pricing and evaluating a property. 


Isabel is a pleasure to work with and I feel confident that she represents my best interests at all times.   Yours faithfully, Colin McCracken

Colin McC

Give the Buyer what They Want - Listens well

It is with utmost gratitude that I write this acknowledgment of Isabel Smith as my professional buyer's representative.  I'm a first-time homebuyer, and couldn't have hoped for a better experience.  In a short amount of time Isabel was able to learn what type of property I was looking for, and walk me through the homebuying process while remaining available to answer all my questions and address my requests.  She was also very helpful in describing the differences between a condo and a co-op, which was something I knew nothing of before my search began.  She also shared her broad knowledge of the District as we drove around, which I found both interesting and helpful. 

There was immediate rapport and nearly instantaneous trust established - an essential key for any business relationship.  I was lucky to find my new home on the very first day I started looking; some people might feel cheated without he "thrill of the chase" but I don't feel that way at all.  It was such a positive and enjoyable experience, and I am so very happy with my place.


I also must point out that because I'm new to DC Isabel was kind enough to provide me with recommendations for a home inspection company and a mortgage loan originator - and both were absolutely fantastic.  Isabel communicated by phone, in person, and in writing at each step of the way.  She composed clear and poignant documents for me, and at every turn was an advocate for a fair and accurate settlement.  


I would highly recommend her and will come back to her for any future real estate transactions.  KW Capital Properties has a jewel in Isabel Smith!

Deborah H.




These Treks were simply that much FUN

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of realtor, Isabel Smith.  I recently moved back to the Washington, D. C. area and was renting in Alexandria, VA to start.  To make a long story, short, it was a very sudden and exhausting move and I had already been living out of bags and boxes in temporary 'flux" since 2010.  I was obligated to my rental situation for the immediate future but, suffice it to say, was anxious to start looking for a more permanent residence.


Normally, one would seek out recommendations from others as to finding a good realtor.  I had not yet networked enough and/or did not obtain references in such a way.  I simply found Isabel representing one of the properties in the neighborhood I was looking to move into and called her up.  I'm sure we were checking each others' legitimacy out at the first meeting, but by the end of it I was quite well-assured that I had found a capable, ready and willing realtor. 


Within the first week of agreeing to work together, Isabel was taking me out and showing places to me.  She signed me up on her search site that provided additional details of the properties and encouraged me to get out to open houses, as well.  All along the way, I had questions every day.  Isabel never failed to have intelligent and thoughtful answers along with additional considerations I should keep in mind.  She constantly "mined" information from me, as well, so that she could, as she put it, "get a sense of what (I) wanted" for a living space.  She never pressured me into any certain area or place but monitored my interest so she could tell when I needed more (or less!) feedback.  She has a certain innate ability in this way, of assessing one's interests and personality traits that can affect their home-buying choices. 


I was also new to the U.S. market so was essentially a first-time buyer here.  I had no idea how I would ever get a loan in this market having just arrived from a foreign country.  Isabel introduced me to several options for brokers and, eventually, to a building inspector and other contractors contacts that I would need.  All were of top-quality, professional calibre. 


In short, I hope all of the above explains at least somewhat of the great admiration I have for this outstanding woman, but what makes Isabel even more special and goes beyond her incredible knowledge and skill is her very lovely personality! 


Never would I have thought that searching for a home could be such an utterly entertaining and fun activity.  When my exhaustion from work and moving and LIFE was overwhelming, I still looked forward with pleasure to going out to properties with Isabel.  These treks were simply that much FUN.

Susan G.